Corner sofa Lion

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Lion corner sofa is a Four-seater each side made of velvet fabric with a structure and a surface that resembles soft fur. This gives the sofa a luxurious and inviting appearance.

Sofa with sleeping function
The sofa can easily be converted into a sofa bed, which makes it an extremely practical model!

Gold metal and wood legs for a modern touch
Lion sofa stands on stylish gold metal and wood legs. These legs provide a sleek appearance and also provide extra stability and strength to the sofa.

Includes 8 decorative cushions for extra comfort
Lion sofa comes with 8 decorative cushions. These cushions are made of the same soft fabric as the sofa.

Innovative Easy Clean technology
The fabric of Lion sofa is equipped with the innovative Easy Clean technology. This technology protects the prepared upholstery against stains and greatly facilitates the removal of dirt. This way, your sofa will always look fresh and clean, without you having to put in much effort.

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